Shelby: Trump won't be the difference for Moore in Alabama election

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Trump, meanwhile, at a rally in nearby Pensacola, Florida, on Friday night, called for Alabamians to fully support Moore-and he blasted the allegations against Moore as phony, pointing out the forgery in the yearbook and the damage Gloria Allred has done to her client's case.

Friday's campaign rally was Trump's first since September, when he went to Alabama to campaign for Sen. In addition to celebrating himself and how well his presidency is going, Trump predicted that he would be hard to defeat in the next election and ranted about the usual topics and suspects, from the Paris Accord and chain migration to people who won't say "merry Christmas" and Arnold Schwarzenegger. "These are savage killers over there, but we sure as hell don't want them to come over here". "So I don't really care what he says about me".

"America is being respected again overseas and we are taking care of our citizens at home and we're going to have safety and we have a lot more now", said the president, who appeared buoyed as he headlined his first campaign rally in more than two months.

Oweda Clark, who lives just around the corner from 44th Place North, admits it's hard being a Democrat in Alabama. "America is a nation".

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore's campaign strategist on Sunday said the state's upcoming special election is a referendum on President Donald Trump. Alabama voters pick between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones on Tuesday.

So get out and vote for Roy Moore. "Do it. Do it", Mr Trump told the crowd.

"We can not afford, the future of this country can not afford to lose the seat", Trump said referring to his party's narrow 52-48 advantage in the Senate.

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"He's their total puppet and everybody knows it", Mr Trump said.

Roy Moore is accused of making sexual advances on teenagers.

That's why it was so notable when the White House said the president wouldn't explicitly campaign for Moore. Cory Booker, one of only two African-American Democrats in the Senate, who offered a warning to voters gathered at Alabama State University: "Bad people get elected when good people don't vote".

"It's not that he's not going to Alabama".

Trump is expected to record robocalls on Moore's behalf this weekend. This is a part of the state that voted overwhelmingly for the president in 2016. In Alabama, there are far more Trump backers than Hillary Clinton supporters, as Trump won the state handily, beating her 62.1 percent to 34.4 percent. However, Allred also said that a handwriting expert found Moore's signature in the yearbook to be authentic.

"Ultimately his endorsement is about the issues", Mr Shah said.

Shelby said the he believed the women who have accused the GOP Senate nominee, noting that there was "a lot of smoke, gotta be some fire somewhere", but understood why President Donald Trump was continuing to back Moore.