Ally Sheedy Calls out Golden Globes Winner James Franco in #MeToo Tweet

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"Franco instead read a speech from his phone, saying of Wiseau "Nineteen years ago he was stuck in traffic, from the Golden Globes, he said to his best friend Greg", - and here Franco briefly launched into Wiseau's distinctive, unplaceable accent - "'Golden Globes, so what, I'm not invited.

Life for actors living in Hollywood is not always how you imagine it.

James Franco was one of many actors and filmmakers at the 2018 Golden Globes to show their support for the Time's Up campaign supporting victims of sexual harassment and abuse - but the Disaster Artist has been accused of the same abusive behaviour. Franco directed the film and stars in it, and according to cast member Jason Mantzoukas, he directed it in true Tommy style.

Wiseau also spoke with the Times, praising the film and Franco. Franco's gesture and the Golden Globes' decision to honor him, many pointed out, felt like an insult for a night that was intended as a protest and opportunity to support survivors and victims.

"First person I have to thank is the man himself, Tommy Wiseau", Franco said after accepting the award from Stone and MacLaine.

Golden Globes 2018: The Sexiest looks on the red carpet.

But when Wiseau tried to take the microphone for a few words of his own, Franco asserted his territorial claim with a little shove.

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Wiseau was there in the audience, and got to go on stage for Franco's win.

Wiseau had high hopes for The Room when he released it in 2003, but the "Citizen Kane of bad movies" never made it to an awards show.

I like the underdog story and appreciate the fact that both of them got the chance to finally be a part of the Hollywood elite for one night.

And if you haven't seen The Room, change that immediately.

Franco brought another Franco - his younger brother, Dave Franco - on stage with him, too.

This final tweet, which was deleted just like the others, insinuates that the "Disaster Artist" actor was a big reason for why Sheedy doesn't spend much time working in the entertainment industry anymore.