Apple iPhone battery explodes on being bitten by user

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Reportedly, the man was visiting the store seeking a replacement iPhone battery and wanted to test if the one available was authentic. The man began to look closely at the battery and, to check if it was real, chose to bite down on it, triggering the explosion.

At first glance, the man seems like just another insane Tide Pod Challenge nut.

You can check out a video of the incident here. And, we are glad that despite the fact that the battery exploded just inches away from his face, he has not been injured. So today we have a little bit of advice for you - don't bite your iPhone battery.

According to the time stamp on the CCTV camera that captured the incident, the explosion took place on Friday, January 19. That said, there are enough real examples of phone batteries exploding that it can not be immediately dismissed as fake. Local media in Switzerland said that 50 workers and customers had to leave the store and one fix worker required treatment for burns.

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Note - we strongly advise not to test any type of battery in this manner. According to Apple, all of its devices from iPhones to Apple Watches contain lithium-ion batteries due to their high performance and long life.

After a massive PR emergency, Apple apologized for the practice and is now offering discounted battery replacement for $29 rather than the usual price of $79. But like we said, people are eating Tide Pods so need reminding.