Attacks on Apple and Google employee shuttles prompt rerouting

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The tech giant runs shuttle buses full of employees from San Francisco to its headquarters in Cupertino every day, and, according to a source inside the company, someone is attacking those buses - and breaking windows.

But, according to The Guardian, the buses can be easily identified by the colors they are painted: blue for Facebook, silver for Apple and white for Google.

The union representing shuttle drivers who drove two of the Apple buses struck Tuesday, Teamsters Local 853, described the incidents as a "pellet gun attack" in a statement. Fortune reports the attacks took place on highway 280, so Apple diverted its buses, though doing so adds up to 45 minutes of commute time.

Several buses carrying Apple and Google employees were attacked in recent days. Consequently, Google is rerouting its shuttles from the highway as well.

Protesters in San Francisco, where tax incentives have lured Twitter, Yelp, Spotify and other tech firms, have previously targeted shuttle buses ferrying employees to and from Silicon Valley, saying technology workers were driving up rents and increasing the income divide.

The report quoted Montiel as saying that if someone has targeted the buses, they will be on screen soon; they can not hide themselves for so long.

There are at least five reports of shuttle buses hit, with four buses carrying Apple employees and one bus carrying Google employees.

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Shuttles run by Apple and Google in the San Francisco area have always been plagued by locals' expressions of resentment.

"Even though they are targeting buses, we don't believe they are targeting the specific companies", he said.

Apple has rerouted some of its buses following the incidents.

The reason behind the attacks also isn't too hard to guess given that the rapid influx of tech employees in the San Francisco area have not been taken too kindly by the original residents. The route change "could mean an additional 30 to 40 minutes of commute time in each direction for some riders", the email explained.

At least four buses have had their windows shattered in incidents on January 12 and 16, according to Mashable.

The CHP is working with Apple on the investigation. No one was injured in any of the attacks.