Auto soars into second floor of building, gets lodged for hours

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A Nissan sedan flew away from the ground and smashed into a California dental office on the morning of Sunday.

The residents of Santa Ana, California witnessed a odd sight on Sunday when a vehicle hit the center divider on the road, flew off the road and crashed straught into the second story of an office building. And, the trapped person has been rescued by Los Angeles County Urban Search and Rescue (USAR). Luckily, the office was closed at the time of this incident.

One person inside the vehicle was able to squeeze out, but a second occupant spent an hour and a half trapped in the auto as its tail end dangled precariously out of the building, officials said.

The front of the vehicle became wedged in the building, and the crash sparked a fire, which was quickly extinguished by the Orange County Fire Authority.

The driver reportedly admitted to the officers that he was on drugs just before the crash happened.

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The driver was said to be under the influence of narcotics.

The co-passenger suffered minor injuries too.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department brought in a wrecker truck to remove the vehicle from the building, and Public Works is examining the structure's integrity.

The owner of the dental practice has not commented on the crash. "It's a big hole".