Is Your Portrait Stored in Any of World's Top Museums? Ask Google

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A matching algorithm from Google that finds people's fine-art doppelgängers has gone viral, after it likened President Trump to a plump girl and Ed Miliband to a Renaissance Italian.

The Arts and Culture app was originally created to promote pieces of art and culture in the course of virtual tours round the world's most famed fine art museums, the Guggenheim Museum in Spain's Bilbao and the Dutch Rijksmuseum just to name a few. However, do not open the app immediately after downloading. Google says the new feature works in select locations only, so that means some people won't be able to find their art twin with the app. If you're like me, you downloaded the app on your phone and spent several minutes trying to track down the museum-portrait feature to no avail.

According to Google, the Google Arts & Culture app of pattern recognition to recognise face patterns and understand characteristics of different faces. If you are wondering how those users got access to that feature, we are here to help.

Over the weekend, a new feature of the Google Arts & Culture app that matches users' selfies with portraits from the collections of participating museums became an online sensation.

Next, download a VPN app, where it is possible to switch location and choose U.S. as the option.

'Face match' makes Google Arts & Culture most downloaded free app on US App Store

Once this is done, open the Google Arts & Culture app and start scrolling down on the main feed.

But, in two years, the app had recorded just a million downloads on Play Store, which is a blip on the Google universe.

The Google Arts & Culture app's description says this feature is new, experimental and relies on computer vision technology to compare the selfie with actual historical works. Google wouldn't comment on when the app will begin showing up in those states and internationally. Then, it will present you with the top matches, with a percentage that indicates how close a match it thinks you are.

From there, you take the selfie with your smartphone camera, and see what Google comes up with.

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