Japanese Broadcaster Issues False Alert of N.Korean Missile Strike

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WEA is endorsed by FEMA and several other states are in the process of switching to the alert system. "State of Hawaii will send out a correction message as soon as possible".

In December previous year, the island started testing its nuclear alert siren to check it still worked, it is the first time that the siren has been used since the end of the Cold War.

The emotional toll this took on them is only one of the aspects of what must be counted a monumental screw-up.

It comes after last weekend's impending, albeit false, ballistic missile strike on Hawaii which certainly caught the attention of Erie County emergency leaders.

"We need to make sure that a mistake like what happened in Hawaii never happens again", the lawmakers said. Brian Schatz says the false alarm about a missile threat was based on "human error" and was "totally inexcusable".

On Saturday, a false alarm set off panic in Hawaii.

But it took officials longer to work up and push out the false alarm alert to cellphones.

Among the options available are two for missile alerts, according to the Washington Post.

Sean Shields, 51, began "violently" throwing up while on the island of Oahu Saturday, his girlfriend, Brenda Reichel, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Reichel said Shields collapsed in the waiting room and emergency technicians performed CPR on him before transporting him to the Straub Medical Center, where she claims he underwent emergency surgery and had four coronary stents placed in his heart.

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Bornemann says she gives the final say before the alert is sent.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai launched an effort this month to push US telecommunications giants and smartphone makers to sharply upgrade the emergency alert system, allowing for geo-targeted alerts by November 30, 2019.

For almost 40 minutes people waited.

Writing on Twitter, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was the first to declare that the alert was false at 8:19am.

She also says the Department of Homeland Security is examining how the USA government can quickly verify the accuracy of alerts with agencies such as the Department of Defense.

Ironically, therefore, the person who was trusted to broadcast a state-wide missile alert to phones, TVs and radios wasn't authorised to cancel it, even after realising the error.

Ige said Army National Guard Brig. Gen. Kenneth Hara on Monday.

Signal carriers allow people to block alerts from state and law enforcement agencies, but not those issued by the president. The drill link is the one that was supposed to be clicked.

Gabbard said the false alarm "underlined the increasing risk of nuclear war, even unintentionally, that could be triggered by such an alarm, as we saw occur many times in the past between the USA and Soviet Union".