Meteor causes earthquake in Michigan; appears in Wisconsin

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On Saturday people across Hawaii scrambled for safety when a warning message about an inbound missile was sent to mobile phones and shown on television.

Behnke said the agency began receiving phone calls about 8:15 p.m. from people asking whether there was thunder or lightning taking place. Other reports of seeing it came out of Milwaukee, Boyne City, northwest OH and southwest Ontario, Canada. For example, in the United States, meteorites belong to the owner of the land where they are found. Eric, a viewer of WISH-TV's sister station WANE, submitted video from a camera in Woodburn of a giant streak of light in the eastern sky.

The object caused a stir on social media.

Chelsea Means caught the minute on her surveillance cameras.

A bolide is a special type of fireball which explodes in a bright terminal flash at its end, often with visible fragmentation. There were also others who felt its impact, as their houses shook from the force of what would likely have been the shockwave from the explosion. "We've gotten numerous phone calls", Behnke said.

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"I'd describe it as a fireball", Mr. Berschback said. "When they hit the atmosphere, they create these very bright fireballs".

If you're trying to distinguish meteor from regular rocks, look for rock that has a dark crust and appears to have been burned. Sizes vary depending on several factors. So rather than just screaming into the atmosphere and gradually melting away to nothing, the pressure and friction this object experienced became stronger than the object itself, and caused it to fragment.

But, fear not, Michiganders, as according to NASA it was simply a meteor, albeit a big and rare one, that illuminated your Tuesday night.

"If you have ever seen a meteor shower or you see a shooting star, that's a small little meteor", he said.

Mr. Mak said an event of this nature happens somewhere around the world about once a month.