Nintendo Labo Variety Kit vs. Robot Kit: What's Different?

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While cardboard might seem counterintuitive for a digital device, Nintendo Labo is essentially a DIY kit that allows you to transform the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers into customized creations like fishing rods, an RC vehicle, and a piano; you can then play games using what you've built.

The initial iterations of Nintendo Labo will come in two kits: The Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. It something we haven't really seen augmented reality do yet, and it only makes sense coming from our toy-making, ahead-of-the-game friends at Nintendo. The idea is that you buy a Labo set and with that, you can fold the cardboard into something that can be used to play various Nintendo Switch games. The slightly more expensive kit comes with the massive robot suit seen in the video (top).

Nintendo is holding an event in London next month where fans will be able to get their first hands-on experience with the Nintendo Labo library of creation tools. What do you guys think of Nintendo's insane new idea? Basically, it's a set of minigames, plus some cardboard cutouts that you assemble into different objects, such as a piano keyboard, a motorcycle, fishing rod, etc. These are put together to make a fishing rod, or a house, or a motorbike, or a piano- Hell, there's a lot that the Labo can turn into!

The first look at the Nintendo Labo was released on Nintendo's YouTube channel on January 17, 2018. You will also get the Switch game card which has the Labo software complete with instructions, games and other features. Some will be nothing more than additions to your collection of controller accessories you probably already have enough of from the days of the Nintendo Wii, but some could make for some educational opportunities to understand how the mechanics of various contraptions work. Interactive Entertainment's Lego Dimensions, a toys-to-life game that involves building real world models using the popular Danish building toy.

Nintendo Labo “build-and-play” kits revealed for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has also developed a wearable, cardboard robot suit that allows the user to fight against UFOs on a TV screen when it is linked up to the Switch console. Pressing the ignition button starts the engine, while twisting the right handle activates the throttle.

The most stunning one of the bunch has to be the Toy-Con Piano, though, which has 13 working keys that are recognized by the IR Motion Camera in the right Joy-Con.

Did you ever have more fun playing with the box a toy came in than the toy itself?

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