'Pregnant' Kylie Jenner caught employee trying to photograph her at home

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#KUWTK, ' one wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: 'Who else thought that when Khloe told Kylie on facetime she was pregs, Kylie was gonna yell me too! "The connection with our baby came instantly and it's as if she was with us the whole time", she gushed.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her enivable abs in this unreleased Yeezy cut out dress.

Despite her continuous silence regarding her pregnancy, new reports claimed that Kylie Jenner may be at risk of giving birth via Cesarean section due to complications. But we have more faith in Kim than to believe that. However, a new video just revealed some extremely telling information. She's selectively showing only hints of skin and this modernized bodycon aesthetic is so refreshing! Her face is largely hidden behind aviator sunglasses. Given that Kim made it clear that her carrier wasn't biologically related to her in any way, she essentially shot down rumors that Kylie was her surrogate.

During Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris said out loud: 'I really feel bad for Kylie because there's always somebody that's trying to exploit a certain situation'. "Kanye and I were so blessed to have found the most awesome gestational carrier". She confirmed that she found a carrier through an agency, versus choosing someone she already knew (i.e. Kylie), and had to run a background check on her to make sure she was a fit for her family. She advises that while this option is not for everyone, "I absolutely love my gestational carrier and this was the best experience I've ever had".

Considering we were all rooting for Saint to be called either South, East or Easton and they went and called him Saint, we're pretty sure no one's going to be able to guess this baby's name. "She talks about the baby nonstop". "Tyga continues to be in contact with Kylie and sends her text messages irregularly, whenever he feels lonely, which is all the time".

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The crib came on the same day her older sister Kim Kardashian revealed she welcomed her third child - a daughter - via surrogate.

However, Kylie reportedly isn't having any of it and is "stubbornly" insisting she wants to be in her own home and is relying on Travis Scott, the father of the baby, to help her.

This comes after Kanye was seen on Wednesday.

Commenters are speculating that maybe the fashion house is the inspiration behind the third West child's name.