Tesla delivers 100000 cars in 2017

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Tesla said it reduced production of its Model S and Model X in the fourth quarter to put more of its workers on the Model 3.

"The Model 3 must be right in terms of quality". Tesla thinks you just might be, so now it's launching a web-based version of its trip planning tool, which was previously only available to Tesla owners via the in-car navigation system.

The company guides a ramp to a weekly rate of "about 2,500 Model 3 vehicles" per week by the end of the quarter, but they pushed their 5,000 per week goal to "the end of Q2".

They ended up delivering 15,200 Model S vehicles and 13,120 Model X vehicles.

Tesla announced Wednesday it delivered 101,312 Model S and Model X cars in 2017, a 33 percent rise over its 2016 figures. The Model 3, which only recently started reaching a significant number of customers, tallied 1,550 deliveries in the quarter.

Tesla also said in its news release that 2,425 Model 3s were made in the fourth quarter (793 of those made in the last seven days of the quarter), about ten times as many as were produced in the third quarter at its Fremont, California facility.

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Tesla's first mass-market offering keeps encountering roadblocks.

Tesla's slower-than-expected Model 3 production rate has fanned worries about Tesla's cash flow and capital expenditures - major ongoing concerns for investors.

The Model 3 notwithstanding, Tesla did manage to enjoy a successful quarter overall; the company delivered more than 29,800 vehicles over the past three months, setting an all-time quarterly record in the process.

In the USA, the Model 3 will be priced from just $US35,000 ($44,500), putting in reach of many consumers who would normally opt for a petrol-powered passenger vehicle in the segment.

Estimates for Model 3 deliveries varied wildly, coming in as low as 800 from Colin Rusch of Oppenheimer all the way up to 2,250 from Jeffrey Osborne of Cowen & Co., and about 5,800 from analysts at Evercore. While the Model 3 is finally getting into non-employee hands, there are still hundreds of thousands of customers with reservations.