The bubble is finally bursting: Economists warn of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin looks to have averted a crisis for now, with Bitcoin rising 2.55% to an $11,485 close on Thursday, with the sub-$10,000 levels of Wednesday behind for now.

Capital argued that the surge in the price was not being driven by any strategic world view more than a simple belief that it will continue to rise in value. The meteoric increase in prize drew countless first-time investors, all hoping to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze.

That sparked a run on the currencies that has swept the globe, with other leading coins such as ripple and ethereum also plunging in value.

While it is not clear what measures the government will take, but traders are fearful that government may usher a wave of new legislation regulating the cryptocurrency market and making it easier for trading exchanges to be raided by tax authorities.

"My conjecture is that cryptocurrency holders are trying to decide whether to abandon bitcoin because its limitations mean it will be superseded by better products or bet that it can thrive despite them".

Bitcoin extended its sharp tumble of the past 24 hours, skidding more than seven percent on Wednesday in a rapid downturn in fortunes as investors were spooked by fears regulators might clamp down on an asset whose value has skyrocketed in the past year.

Thursday, January 18, 2018 /5:50 PM /Greenwich TrustAbout Cryptocurrencies A Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital asset created to work as a peer-to peer transaction version of electronic cash that allows for users to make payments to one another without the need of a third party financial institution.

But how hard has Ethereum (ETH) fought?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be confusing.

Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that "in broad terms, legislative regulation will be definitely required in future". Well, some say not so much.

Bitcoin services rose to prominence mid a year ago, as investors looked for ways to gain exposure in the booming cryptocurrency space. According to market charts dating back to 2011, and the very beginning of bitcoin, this is just a simple market correction in January, which has been the case each year since then. According to the CoinDesk, various crypto investors and analysts believe that Bitcoin might further see a drop in price to $8,000 in coming days.

"You have to think of what the general trajectory is and the general trajectory is upward for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin", he said.

At the same time, the value of the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency has fluctuated unpredictably for weeks, and nobody truly knows whether it is about to rise or fall spectacularly.

Despite the incredible gains people have seen in the past few months in cryptocurrency, it shouldn't be seen as a guaranteed get-rich-quick scheme. And should you invest? The downward spiral of most popular digital currency sent investors in desperation to sell their coins, sending the price of ethereum, ripple and others tumbling.

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