Toronto police identify possible gay serial killer

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Investigators have found evidence of four possible murder victims in their investigation of Bruce McArthur - who has so far only been charged in the presumed deaths of two men who went missing from Toronto's gay village previous year - a police source told 680 NEWS.

McArthur will remain in custody and will have to apply to the Ontario Superior Court if he wishes to have a bail hearing.

McArthur, a 66-year-old Toronto man, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the case on Thursday and made a brief appearance in court Friday.

Idsinga said both Kinsman and Esen had a relationship with McArthur formed through dating apps.

He said McArthur had a sexual relationship with Kinsman, but it's unclear what kind of relationship he had with Esen before his death.

A police forensics van sits outside McArthur's Toronto apartment building.

Speculation also continues on social media regarding the status of other missing gay men in the Toronto area, and if McArthur could be responsible for their disappearances. All three of those men were in their 40s or early 50s, were Arab or East Asian, and frequented the same venues on Church Street in the village.

"If you run a project and names come in, some of that investigation requires surveillance then you would just put a surveillance team on somebody and you never know where that person will lead the team".

A man charged with first-degree murder in the presumed deaths of two men who vanished from Toronto's gay village past year was remanded into custody following a brief court appearance on Friday.

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On Thursday, police said new evidence surfaced this week that gave them a "definitive link", but they did not elaborate further. Their last search was on December 9, she said.

Police, at the time, said they were not making a connection between the disappearances.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders has defended the force's handling of the case, saying officers had been working with the evidence they had at the time.

Alphonso King and John Allan knew Kinsman from his volunteer work with the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. "They guaranteed us the cases weren't related, they guaranteed us there wasn't a serial killer around", Allan said.

The couple, who knew Kinsman, said everyone who knew the missing men has been traumatized.

Sina Shahlaee, who lives and works in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood and saw McArthur in the area, said it felt like police didn't take the case seriously until it became too high-profile to ignore.

In Oct. 2012, 59-year-old Majeed "Hamid" Khan was last seen in the Church and Wellesley area.

"There are questions being asked and they're quite proper, they will have to be answered over time but in the meantime the police continue with their investigation and I know they're working hard to make sure they solve all these cases and bring people to justice who have done these awful crimes".

Friends of Kinsman and Esen organized ongoing volunteer searches of the local area in efforts to find him and created a Facebook group to keep the community informed and on alert.