Two More Women Accuse Nelly of Sexual Assault

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The rapper, who is being sued by Monique Greene for allegedly raping her during an October 2017 tour stop in Washington state, filed a countersuit in Seattle Friday, according to legal documents provided to USA TODAY late Friday by Nelly's spokesperson Juliette Harris. Nelly has a "pattern of conduct" that demonstrates he "preyed upon his selected female fans", the lawsuit argues. She says that Nelly abruptly grabbed her leg and shoved his hand up her dress without her consent.

A second woman, Jane Doe 2, met Nelly at a nightclub in Essex, England in 2017. The complaint details how Nelly would pick women in the audiences/venues of his shows, invite them and their friends to an after-party, or some other post-gig event via a member of his entourage, and then quickly separate the chosen lady from her friends. The two women, who are named as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, are both Americans who were posted in England with the US military when the alleged incidents happened.

She says he proceeded to assault her, after she "refused to consent", and forced her into both oral and penetrative sex, pleading with her to stay with him all weekend. In court documents, the 22-year-old college student says Nelly invited her to his bedroom on the bus and masturbated in front of her. The rapper allegedly pulled his trousers down, began masturbating in front of her and then told her, "You want this dick, don't you".

Nelly has filed a counter-suit against the woman who accused him of rape. Accusations that Nelly's current wifey pushed back against this past Thursday (Jan. 25). This constituted sexual assault. Once he thought he had her in position, Defendant Nelly released her shoulder.

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The attack described by "Jane Doe no. 2" is much more graphic.

She was able to leave when security entered to see if everything was OK. As she exited Defendant Nelly yelled, "cunt!" Greene called for an Uber and then called police to report the alleged incident which would eventually lead to Nelly's arrest for rape. Greene attributed the decision to public scrutiny.

Jane Doe 1, a married mother in the USA military, detailed how she and a girlfriend spent a couple hours with Nelly in a VIP area before being invited to an after-party with him.

Read Shantel's full statement below.