Facebook Lists Feature Gives Users Another Option for Status Updates

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All of these updates are created to entice more people to interact with other users by posting more content and share more details about themselves.

Their latest effort in this regard is a "Lists" feature.

The Lists feature is merely the latest move by the social media giant to encourage less nonpersonal content on a user's news feed.

Facebook has added a new feature for posting status updates (as if there weren't enough options there) which is set to launch today. Prior to this users could create lists, albeit they had to be creative about creating them, but with this feature it has become a whole lot easier, plus it stands out a more thanks to the gradient backgrounds that users can attach to it.

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However, with the rollout of Lists, Facebook is running the risk of people flooding the News Feed with boring or annoying updates that turn people off the site. The feature, like it sounds, lets users make lists of anything they choose - New Year's Resolutions, To Do's, restaurants to try, travel ideas, and more.

For now, the ability to create Lists is only available on Android. iOS users will be able to view Lists on their phones, but can't currently create them. In a way, the company is trying to reconnect with its old self - a more "personal" platform.

On top of this, Facebook's younger user base is also in decline. It should be next to other options like Check In, Photo/Video, Tag Event, and Support Nonprofit. A recent eMarketer report indicates that Facebook lost approximately 2.8 million US users aged under 25 years in 2017. But over the years, Facebook's News Feed has filled with videos, links, news, memes, updates from Facebook Pages, and, of course, ads.

Once you receive the update, you can access Lists by pressing on "What's on your mind" to post your status. Unlike many online publications, we don't have a paywall or run banner advertising, because we want to keep our journalism open, without influence or the need to chase traffic.