Final Fantasy XV PC demo next week

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Square Enix has announced a playable demo for Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition that will arrive next week. Get ready, because this one is a little bit unusual.

If you purchase the game from the Microsoft Store, your selection of bonus items is decidedly less exciting, with Phoenix Downs and Elixirs up for grabs as well as a sword for your trouble.

Players who preorder or purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition before May 1 will be able to claim a Gordon Freeman character skin and crowbar as an early-purchase bonus. The costume will also be available for multiplayer avatars when playing the Comrades expansion. (We've asked Square Enix if Xbox One data is similarly compatible with Windows Edition and will update accordingly.) There will also be cross-play for Comrades between the two systems, which Square Enix will add as part of an update sometime after launch. Finally, if you grab the game via Origin, you get a special set of auto decals by preordering ahead of March 6.

This is a bonus that definitely falls on their weird side of the line.

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I hope you like really high res steak, because if you want those juicy 4K Final Fantasy 15 assets you're going to need a lot of space.

Yes, Noctis will have his own Half-Life costume in Final Fantasy XV's Steam version. Square Enix had a previous announcement with more information here.

First, came the console release of Final Fantasy XV.

The demo will allow fans to play through all of "Chapter 1" and fully explore the tutorial and opening quests of the epic adventure in Eos.