McDonald to be ratified as new leader of Sinn Féin

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Mary Lou McDonald is officially the new leader of Sinn Féin.

Sinn Fein has shared power in the British province of Northern Ireland since 2007 and is in talks to restore devolved government there, but it has never governed in the Republic where it has established itself as the third largest party.

After leaving university, the politician ran for the leadership unopposed and had served as deputy leader since February 2008.

That led to the collapse of a power-sharing administration past year.

Both parties said the talks process should conclude next week.

At her nomination, McDonald had said, however, that "uniting this island is the best outcome for all our citizens, and it is now our task to convince our unionist friends and neighbors of that". And as we become more multicultural it is also about making space for all of those other folks out there who wouldn't be part of the orange and green tradition. The poet Maya Angelou put it well: 'History, despite its wrenching pain, can not be unlived.

Mr Adams said that since Brexit people on the island of Ireland have been reminded of the benefits of the last 20 years without a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

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He warned that sectarian politics in Northern Ireland had again become "very polarized at this time and the atmosphere is very toxic". But its association with the Troubles has prevented it from gaining more popularity among voters, reports the AP.

The 48-year-old Dublin native McDonald was confirmed as the party's new president at a ceremony on Saturday.

In her Saturday's inaugural speech at the Royal Dublin Society, the Sinn Fein's new chief said that the main target of her party is to win elections, strengthen political influence and realize the party's ambition in government, both in Northern Ireland and Ireland. She's been involved in negotiations to re-establish the Northern Ireland government and there are indications a deal could be struck next week. While the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, the Republic of Ireland remains part of the E.U. and the question of what to do with its border to the north has been a sticking point in negotiations, as it has sparked fears of reawakening old tensions.

He said it would be too simplistically to tie Irish unity to Brexit but said his efforts had certainly been helped by the Leave victory.

He was speaking from Stormont in Northern Ireland on Friday, his last evening as party leader.

"We together over the coming years will walk a journey that is full of opportunities, full of challenges, but I believe which marks a defining chapter in our achievement of a united Ireland and the ending of partition", she said.

A UUP source said: "Sinn Fein and the DUP are clearly running these talks and the two governments are just bystanders".