Missed target could fuel return of Battlefront II microtransactions

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Considering that EA was, at one point, against single player campaigns in multiplayer shooters, this is a big deal. However, CFO of EA, Blake Jorgensen has indicated in the earnings call today, that the game was expected to be out during EA's 2020 fiscal year which covers the time between April 1st 2019 and march 31st 2020. The result, was the temporary suspension of microtransactions after the conclusion of the beta. In a call, Wilson said the loot crate problem was a "learning opportunity". That fiscal year would be the timeframe EA is projecting, though not necessarily defining as exactly when Respawn's Star Wars title may be released.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has failed to meet its sales targets, and a well-known culprit may be to blame.

Although EA is keen to bring back microtransactions in Battlefront II they want to make sure that it is done right to avoid upsetting the fan base as much as they did when the game first released. You have to imagine that now that the game has sold a million fewer copies than expected, something will change. But pesky gamers mucked it up when they complained that EA's loot boxes unfairly created a pay-to-win situation. They'll still be random, still be part of the whole gambling discussion, but at least getting ahead in the game - progressing - would no longer be inseparable from them.

We never meant to build an experience that could be seen as unfair or lacking clear progression, so we removed the feature that was taking away from what fans were telling us was an otherwise great game.

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Their comments suggest EA intends to return paid loot boxes to Star War Battlefront 2. We should expect that EA will continue to "drive hard against that, and ensure that".

"We remain committed to the franchise, the team is working diligently on new content and live updates", said Wilson.

Some element of their work will be used in a future game, but EA made no mention of that when talking to investors. The company's stock declined 1 percent through Tuesday versus the S&P 500's 10 percent gain since EA reported its September quarter results on October 31. Because of this, "exact timing" for Battlefront 3 hasn't been decided.