New options from Airbnb include luxury digs, perks for 'Super Hosts'

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In fact, you'll often find these kinds of kinds of home setups already in place when you're searching for places to stay overseas.

In Chicago, for example, there's a luxury loft near Wrigley Field available on Airbnb Plus for $79 a night. In comparison, Airbnb users are generally reliant on the accuracy of the original listing and other visitors keeping that honest with their post-stay reviews.

Airbnb hosts must apply to be part of the program, and a photographer and inspector are then sent to the home to capture professional-quality photographs and inspect the property to see if it meets Airbnb's new 100-point quality checklist.

In addition to those tiers, which are being announced at an event at San Francisco this morning (I overheard that there may be more than 1,000 employees at this event as well as a few dozen "super-hosts"), the company is also adding new ways to search for property on its service.

The company will also begin offering four new types of properties classified as vacation homes, boutiques, bed and breakfast units and "unique" homes.

"We have to be more inclusive of who belong on Airbnb - but there's also a flip side: Not everyone belongs on Airbnb", Chesky said in December, during a global Q&A session. When Airbnb was first launched, the idea was 100 homes per city-a list of listings, as Chesky put it. Things have meteorically changed since Airbnb's 2008 inception. "It's just been really, really hard to find".

Finally, Airbnb is redesigning its website to include more personalized collections for travelers to choose from. Launching today are Airbnb for Family and Airbnb for Work with Collections for Social stays, Weddings, Honeymoons, Group getaways and Dinner parties coming later this year.

Of Beyond by Airbnb, Chesky told press, "We're combining high-end hospitality and magical experiences with one of the largest travel communities in the world". Airbnb is adding 11 benefits for them to accompany the seven that already exist.

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Alongside Beyond, the Airbnb update will include several other features, including Airbnb Plus, a verification project, that would seek to elevate hosts with exceptional homes above the rest.

Last year, Chesky asked on Twitter what a guest membership program should look like. Over the last 10 years, Airbnb hosts overall have earned more than US$41 billion and guests have checked into Airbnb lodging more than 300 million times, according to the company.

Not everyone is as enthusiastic about Airbnb as Airbnb is.

Brian Chesky said, "10 years ago we never dreamed of what Airbnb could become".

"Whether it's called Plus or Boutique program, Airbnb's latest scheme is just further proof the company is trying to play in the hoteling space while evading industry regulations".

That means Airbnb has needed to re-think its business.

Airbnb was initially designed mainly for solo travel but over the years, millions of people have found the platform suited to a range of different types of travel, whether that be families who want extra space and a place to cook, to adventurers who are looking for somewhere to stay off the beaten track.

And it's on the verge of making the company money.