Paris Hilton Is Kim Kardashian's Body Double In Wild Yeezy Photos

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But as time moved on, Kardashian's West's fame rose and the two grew apart, even insulting one another in the press.

The Life of Pablo rapper recruits Paris Hilton as one of the models for the line, reenacting some of the paparazzi shots taken of his wife, Kim Kardashian, when she sported the gear in the past as his muse.

The reality star was referring to an interview Lindsay had back in 2016 when she launched a new club in Greece. This is right out the Kris Jenner playbook.

Which is why she's teflon whenever the general public does try and turn on her.

The Kim klone campaign is brilliant because it's feeding into the idea that you too can look like Kim, but only if you wear Yeezy Season 6. However, Kim did also retweet a message on Tuesday claiming that, "Fashion week needs Kanye". It's clear that Kanye has nothing for you except dribble and feeble conversation. I mean, that's what it was but I won't downgrade Paris to "some social media maven".

'Kanye makes money, Kim makes more - why are you still doing this? Forget the mother thing.

The mother-of-three tied half of her platinum blonde hair up with tendrils sweeping past her shoulders, almost landing on her sugary dessert. It's about - she doesn't have to do that anymore. More photos, if you care, on the flip.

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Wendy Williams has slammed Kim Kardashian as "desperate", after she posted some seriously NSFW pictures on Instagram. Another wrote: "I literally thought it was Kim".

We're mot mad that she's wearing braids; it's nothing Khloe and Kylie haven't already sported.

The fact that Hilton and Kardashian, who are now 36 and 37, respectively, are now on good enough terms that Paris is willing to dress up as Kim. Kardashian, who used to be Hilton's assistant and friend before a termpoary falling out, called Hilton "Forever the OG".

This is certainly not the last we will hear from the pair, but it is a twist we certainly didn't see coming!

Kim Kardashian is a marketing savant. "It's clear that Kanye has nothing for you except dribble and feeble conversation", she said.

Naked Kim Kardashian is not news, yet it will always inevitably become just that.