PS4 boosted in Japan after strong Monster Hunter debut

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We were confronted with Jon Downes, the greatest hunter of real monsters on the planet, who inspired us to reopen the investigation of ten creatures, also setting a size to really encourage people to start looking for evidence of their existence. Read on to discover what the free gift includes and how Monster Hunter World owners can claim their own. Capcom, however, wants to keep the ball rolling with a weird but totally appropriate promotion for Monster Hunter: World.

In its first three days on sale, Monster Hunter World shipped 5 million copies, Capcom announced earlier this week. The 2 million figure would mean that essentially a third of the Japanese PS4 user base has gone out and bought the game in the past six days, making it by far the best-performing PS4 title in Japan yet. In recognition of shipping five million copies of the action-RPG, all players will benefit from a Celebration Pack. However, it is still a good indication of the performance of Monster Hunter: World out of the gates, which right now looks very strong.

The developer even teamed up with Jon Downes, the director of The Centre of Fortean Zoology, for the promotion, which will run until June 30.

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Grab a pic and "comprehensive evidence" of one of these famous monsters will bag you a £50,000 reward.

"There are stories of monsters from around the world, and while some may be flights of fancy, not every one of these monsters can be made up".

The promotion, however, is only open in the UK. You get to high rank by just progressing naturally through the story so you don't have to worry about missing anything.