RIP Grateful Dead Lyricist John Perry Barlow

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Champion Of The Internet And Grateful Dead Lyricist John Perry Barlow Dies At 70 John Perry Barlow has died at 70.

Barlow also played a pivotal role in the creation of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2012 that seeks to protect and defend "adversarial journalism in the 21st century" by using "crowdfunding, digital security and internet advocacy to support journalists and whistleblowers worldwide", according to its website.

"It is no exaggeration to say that major parts of the Internet we all know and love today exist and thrive because of Barlow's vision and leadership", she wrote.

Mr. Barlow was "one of the very first people who recognized the Internet was going to be important because it would help people connect in a way they couldn't in the physical world", said Cindy Cohn, the EFF's executive director.

Barlow contributed lyrics to many Grateful Dead songs from 1971 until the group disbanded in 1995 following the death of frontman Jerry Garcia. He was an angel and double agent, a prophet and pioneer of digital divination, a Master Mason, a Burning Man patron, an internet architect, and political maven, a psychedelic shaman, a counter culture statesman and a hero to great men.

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Born in Wyoming on October 3, 1947, Barlow graduated with a degree in comparative religion from Wesleyan University. The Weir/Barlow partnership immediately yielded impressive results with the pair's "Black-Throated Wind", "Walk In The Sunshine", "Looks Like Rain", "Mexicali Blues" and "Cassidy" each making the cut for the 1972 LP.

He graduated in 1969 at Wesleyan University in CT with a degree in comparative religion.

His preoccupation with the internet dated from the mid-1980s, when he began using a computer to manage the ranch's finances. Sought out by FBI agents investigating computer crimes, he realized government agencies did not understand what was going on in these communities and "were vastly overreacting", Cohn said.

Weir moved to San Francisco to co-found the Grateful Dead. "John had a way of taking life's most hard things and framing them as challenges, therefore adventures. You have no sovereignty where we gather", Barlow wrote.

A memoir, Mother American Night: My Life in Crazy Times, which Barlow wrote with Robert Greenfield, is to be published this year.