Samsung Q4 earnings close out 2017 at record high profit

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Samsung expects demand for memory chips to remain strong in 2018, as it reported record annual profit driven by a so-called memory chip "super-cycle" and announced a 50:1 stock split.

Samsung is jumping into the craze for cryptocurrencies with the launch of a new hardware offering. The company is getting entry by manufacturing ASIC chips designed specifically for mining precious bitcoins. ASICs are processors that have been specially designed for a single computational task, as opposed to the multi-purpose processors we use in computers and phones. Until 2013, they were more commonly associated with the TV industry. Yes, this hardware will help you with mining for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Also, according to statistics, Samsung has outperformed Intel to claim the status of the biggest manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining chips. First, it was just Bitcoin that miners used to churn up by performing a series of complex calculations using graphic cards and now it looks like Samsung is going to take advantage of this market as well.

Samsung has a division within its semiconductor business called Foundry, building chipsets for other companies. The mobile division did not do as well in the fourth quarter, because it suffered a small operational loss, particularly because Samsung spent a lot more to market its smartphones.

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The F&R business provides information for financial markets professionals as well as regulatory and risk management solutions. On January 30, 2018, the Thomson Reuters board of directors approved maintaining the dividend at $1.38 per common share.

Local investment agencies forecast on February 1 that Apple's disappointing iPhone X sales would weigh down on Samsung Electronics' display business. In the case of bitcoin, the currency is created by solving mathematical problems, with these calculations also maintaining the integrity of bitcoin transactions.

Samsung overtook Intel past year to become the world's biggest chipmaker.

Samsung also sees a bump in its revenue in the near future due to this new development considering how much of a craze cryptocurrency mining has become.

Reports indicate that in December 2017, Samsung inked a deal with Russian based bitcoin miner, Baikal, to supply ASICs. Taiwanese company TSMC, which makes chips for Bitmain and Creative, added $350-400 million in revenue in the last quarter from the crypto-mining business alone.