Some iPhone X Users Cannot Answer Calls due to Very Strange Bug

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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is investigating complaints from iPhone X users about being unable to answer incoming calls.

Apple claims that the latest iPhone model is the best-selling iPhone in the company's history.

Multiple users have reported that the device does not wake up for a few seconds after a call comes. So your phone would ring, but you wouldn't see any details of who the caller is or whether in fact, it is a phone call or not. "The display doesn't come back on even when I take away the phone from my ears", the user states.

Complaints have been pouring in on the Apple support forums about some iPhone X failing to light on during an incoming call, which is making it hard to respond to calls in a timely manner.

If your iPhone is on this list then Apple will correct the issue for nothing out of pocket (assuming you're within two years of your purchase date) by sending it to a fix center.

Apple has since confirmed the issue and told the Times that its "looking into these reports". There were some issues for a select group of users for which the brand provided a replacement or took their phone to service them.

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But Apple boss Tim Cook said the X model had "surpassed our expectations and has been our top-selling iPhone every week since it shipped in November".

A growing number of iPhone X owners have been running into a problem nicknamed the "incoming call" bug, where they experience delays in turning on for up to 10 seconds during incoming phone calls, thus preventing them from tapping "accept" or "decline" buttons.

One of the users on the support forums additionally mentioned that there is an issue with the proximity sensor of the iPhone X as well.

However, sales of the pricey flagship iPhone X helped boost the company's profits to $20bn (£14bn).

Due to that, the price of its iPhone SE throughout India has remained the same, despite the higher tariffs for imports.

Though most people likely spend their days texting, messaging, and posting pictures to social media, phone calls are the cornerstone of a smartphone. And a small number of users reported a green line appearing on the side of their iPhone X screens.