Southwest runs out of plane de-icer, cancels 220 flights from Midway

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The emergency slides were deployed and the plane's 139 passengers and five crew members were all evacuated safely and the fire was extinguished.

Southwest Airlines canceled all of its 220 flights from Chicago's Midway International Airport on Sunday due to a shortage of de-icing fluid, the airline confirmed to Business Insider.

After a weekend of heavy snow in Chicago, Southwest Airlines ran out of de-icing fluid at Midway Airport and cancelled more than 220 flights from the airport on Sunday.

As of 9 p.m. Sunday, a total of 264 flights on all airlines had been canceled out of Midway and another 235 were canceled out of O'Hare.

Officials said some people had minor injuries from the evacuation, but no one needed to go to a hospital.

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Midway alerted passengers via Twitter that the airport was still dealing with cancelled flights.

The carrier had cancelled six Midway departures as of mid-morning on Monday, according to FlightAware. Orange County fire officials said the decision to evacuate the aircraft was made out of an abundance of caution.

Due to a fire believed to be in the auxiliary power unit, the plane's crew chose to evacuate the plane.

The airport initially said the plane had landed prior to the fire, but later corrected their tweet.