Texas officer fatally shot during domestic disturbance call

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In Michigan, 25-year-old Detroit Police Officer Glenn Doss Jr. was shot responding to a domestic violence call January 24.

The incident happened near Renner Road and North Star Road at a large apartment complex around 7 p.m.

The Richardson Police Department confirmed an officer and a civilian were shot Wednesday night and a gunman is barricaded in an apartment complex.

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Police surrounded a building at Breckinridge Point apartment.

Richardson police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Perlich (PUR'-lihk) said the condition of the wounded person wasn't immediately known. He was taken to Medical city Plano but his name was not released while Richardson police worked to notify family and loved ones. "We ask for your prayers during this tragedy". "And may his legacy live on in others' service", Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote on Twitter. She said police were calling out to the suspect to let them help, and then she heard another shot.

"We believe we have him pinned down to a particular location", Perlich said.