Victims ID'd in fatal SC Amtrak crash

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Amtrak says 147 people - 8 personnel and 139 passengers - were on the train that derailed.

It was the second major Amtrak crash in less than a week and the third since December.

What has happened to the safety of travelling through Amtrak.

The lead engine and several passenger carriages of the Amtrak derailed after coming "in contact" with the freight train, Amtrak said in an emailed statement. No one was on the CSX train, local authorities said. And it may be a time factor, but that's what it appears to me. Last month, Chao told railroad industry officials that they are expected to meet the deadline to have the systems installed by the end of this year.

It offers a bird's-eye view of the scene, giving a better idea of the magnitude of this powerful crash and the damage it caused. He admits the train was running behind schedule, but said the train was not speeding because they were late.

Amtrak remains popular with riders and lawmakers from both rural and urban areas. Most of those were minor injuries.

They went on to say, "Amtrak is working to take care of everyone who was on the train, including family members of our passengers and crew".

The National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation. Investigators ruled the engineer lost awareness of where he was on the route.

A freight train passing through went barreling down the side track and slammed into the parked train, killing nine people, a lot of them millworkers choked by chorine gas that leaked from a damaged tanker vehicle.

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Anyone with questions about passengers on the train can call (800) 523-9101, Amtrak said.

The passenger rail company released a statement noting that it is "deeply saddened" by the deaths of its employees, according to the Associated Press.

"It's easy, when these things happen, to lose perspective".

"When I see this it's really disappointing", Burkett said.

He said he saw a lot of people who were not injured, helping those who were injured off of the train before crews arrived. "But I defer to those who are experts in that and do have the correct information, but it appears that Amtrak was on the wrong track". The train, estimated to be traveling at more than 50 miles per hour in a 59 miles per hour zone, then slammed into the line of freight cars, officials said.

The Red Cross tweeted that "disaster trained volunteers" were responding to the scene of the accident.

Sumwalt said they've recovered a forward facing video recorder, and that's already been sent back to Washington, D.C. The event data recorders, commonly called the "black box" devices, have not yet been recovered.

Coroner Margaret Fisher said considering the circumstances, there should have been more causalities. "You can get hypnotized by what's in front of you".