Years ago (some) British women got the vote

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Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said it would be "complicated" to do so but she would "look at" the proposals.

The Scottish Conservative leader was followed by Jeremy Corbyn in calling for women arrested for protesting and committing acts of civil disobedience to have their convictions overturned.

The struggle to win the vote was long and arduous, but in 1918 these courageous women won.

She said the suffragettes "deliberately broke the law to make a point" - for example, by demanding "no taxation without representation". They made such sacrifices so that we could all enjoy the rights we have today.

She said: "I think it's really sad that in 2018 we have as the president of apparently the most powerful place in the world someone who has done the things that he has done and speaks the way that he does".

At least the suffragists and suffragettes were united in their ultimate goal.

The venue played host to 25 women's suffrage meetings, and was called a "Temple of Liberty" by campaignersPAEmmeline Pankhurst, suffragette leader and founder of the Women's Social and Political Union, addresses a crowd in Trafalgar Square in 1909PAA suffragette is arrested by police officers in 1914.

The mark the centenary of the legislation being passed the Yorkshire Evening Post is joining forces with Amnesty International to celebrate extraordinary women in our communities. "She'd been Empress of the British Empire and most subjects hadn't kicked up a fuss about having an empress so why would they kick up a fuss about British women having a vote?"

The Suffragists, a predominantly middle-class group of women, campaigned under traditional, non-violent forms of dissent, using peaceful tactics and demonstrations to collectivize under the law.

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This act created more inequality for women because it abolished property and other restrictions for men, and extended the vote to all men over the age of 21.

"In both cases, it's a discussion of equality", Myriam Boussahba-Bravard - a professor of women's history and gender studies at Paris Diderot University - said ahead of the February 6 anniversary.

Many went on to be jailed, including leader Emmeline Pankhurst.

At their place of work, women were able to discuss politics and any social issues of the day with the other female workers, and this increased women's desire to have a voice to influence the way in which the country was being run.

But 21st-century feminists should not be dissuaded, she added, as there are "many parallels" with women's campaigns today.

Rudd told the BBC she was aware of the campaign and "completely understand where it's coming from".

Critics say her cautious approach has increasingly left her hostage to the deep divisions among her ministers, especially over Brexit, with some concerned the European Union has now gained the upper hand in talks.

Some women - notably Emily Davison, who was trampled by King George V's horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby - died for their cause. Lady Constance Lytton proved that class and image still meant something in this movement; during one spell in prison she cut her hair short, made herself admittedly "uglier" and changed her name to Jane Warton.