All New Nintendo Switch Games Revealed During Today's Spring Showcase

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Nintendo is promising that most of these games are either system exclusives or games that will launch on the Switch first. "This talented and ever-growing community of Nindies has found a home on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, and we absolutely welcome their inventive and visionary contributions".

Still, if you enjoy stealth games, they don't come much better than Mark of the Ninja, and the enhancements that the "remastered" label promise might make this worth checking out for those who have already played through the game once. Fantasy Strike is now in Steam Early Access, and in the time since launch, it's received a lot of glowing user reviews. Fantasy Strike will launch on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Just Shapes & Beats is a "musical bullet hell" game featuring a full story mode with local and online co-op.

Garage: The Nindie Showcased announced a new game by prolific indie publisher TinyBuild: Garage. This top-down shooter is set in a grizzly underworld inspired by the gory VHS era of B-Movies where you slay hordes of undead with a variety of weapons and skills. It will be playable at PAX East next month, and it's coming first to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Everything is a game of pool in Pool Panic, published by Adult Swim Games.

Inspired by Norwegian art and culture, this co-op exploration puzzle game boasts an incredible and gorgeous art style and atmosphere that are undoubtedly going to awe its players.

Banner Saga 3 comes to Nintendo Switch this summer, while Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2 are expected to release soon.

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Announced during last night's Nindies Showcase, Light Fall is a fast-paced platformer reminiscent of Celeste or Super Meat Boy, but damn it's pretty.

And that's a wrap for the Nintendo Spring Indies Showcase! Light Fall will be a timed exclusive for the Switch when it launches later this spring.

- West of Loathing (Asymetric): West of Loathing is a slapstick comedy stick-figure Wild West adventure role-playing game. Coming exclusively to Switch on May 10th.

As a result of this indie game boon, Nintendo's digital content sales have exceeded those of all packaged goods.

The Messenger is a unique side-scroller that lets players switch between an 8-bit and 16-bit look as they time-travel through this adventure.

Bad North: Real time tactical strategy with permadeath? It's coming to Switch this summer. Banner Saga 3 launches this summer for the Switch.