Arie told two women he loved them on 'The Bachelor'

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The week started off with Kendall having doubts about her relationship with Arie. ABC writes, "Lauren B., who has struggled to find love with Arie, needs more reassurance from him". In the end, Arie didn't feel that way about her but he wished her well.

Anyway, the date consists of riding around in a dune buggy because have you heard?

It's an accurate description of Lauren's personality, and her aloofness is on display as they fly above Nazca Lines, a collection of about 300 ancient geoglyphs in the shapes of animals and plants etched into the desert sands. What does her mom have to say about her headline-making "disappearance?" As Bibiana would say to Krystal, "Why are you here?!" He confessed his love to her but Becca was angry when she learned that Ross talked to Arie without her consent. Kendall seems flattered by that, though, because she admits she's falling in love with him and accepts the fantasy suite. Let us backtrack to the fiasco that was Arie's group bowling date. Last night was the "Women Tell All", but there are several more episodes coming.

"Hey, there's a plane behind you". They head inside and while Becca is trying to kiss him, Arie side eyes the bed which looks a little small for two adults. Why not just "go get her", in his words, and break the bad news to Arie later?

"It's about not being seen for the person you are because of what someone thinks about you based on how you dress, do your makeup, do (your) hair, whatever it may be", she wrote.

Over dinner, Arie opens up to Lauren about how hard he fell for her on their date in Tuscany, and he tells her, flat-out, that he loves her. Uh-oh. Obviously, she accepts his fantasy suite invitation. "I think that'll play out in the weeks to come". Or maybe they just needed a musical interlude since Lauren doesn't speak. Yeah, she was a TV villain, but we don't think that she deserves to sit on national television while 20 women pick apart everything they don't like about her. These women were essentially polar opposites vying for Arie's heart, and the stakes were simple: one would go and one would stay. Yuck, that is annoying. "And, like Arie said, he had to follow his heart and go with his gut and I don't disagree with that".

Then he told both Arie and Becca that he wants to marry her. Hmm. Even though she's 10 years younger than Arie, he always seemed impressed with the 26-year old's skills, talents and interests.

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After Arie Luyendyk Jr. dropped the L bomb a couple of times before handing out the final rose, fans are wondering if The Bachelor can say "I love you".

He then gave a speech worthy of a scruffy Ryan Gosling but not worthy of us transcribing it, and it did not work on Becca.

We are not sure if the elimination will be shown tonight or next week because sometimes the show likes to leave viewers with a cliffhanger. Will that lead to the fantasy suite? "Did I mention my life is wonderful and awesome?" she said. "If you know anyone, send them my way". If falling in love with Arie (of all people!) is the biggest threat to your relationship, it's not meant to be.

Arie mistook him for hotel management, but Ross isn't bringing fresh towels. However, Kendall appeared to still feel not prepared for a proposal.

With Arie still dating two other women, "the stronger I feel about you the stronger my fears" of rejection, she said - so strong that she had considered leaving the show. "It just sucked to see how you actually were toward how you were with me". And if he really was in Peru to get Becca back, why stop at Arie's room first? Arie's concerned that there might be unfinished business between them, but Becca swears there's nothing left there.

At the rose ceremony, Arie pulled Kendall aside for the second week in a row. Who will it be?

The moment left members of Bachelor Nation asking the same questions - what did Arie do? Somebody's crying! Three hours left!