Capcom details Monster Hunter

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In addition to the game's first big update next week, which adds the returning monster Deviljho and makes an assortment of balance changes to nearly every weapon type, players have a few new events to look forward to in the near future. This sizeable update makes its way to Monster Hunter: World on March 22nd.

It's all steps in the right direction, and updates that include both quality of life adjustments and content are my cup of tea. In the meantime, what Monster Hunter World guides and coverage do you want to see more of here on MP1st? Slaying a Deviljho will reward players with materials to build two new armors sets along with a new weapon upgrade for all fourteen weapon types.

Monster Hunter: World's Celestial Pursuit Gathering Hub will be decked out accordingly for the Spring Blossom Fest celebrations, with Guild staff sporting official uniforms for the occasion.

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Fantasy Strike is now in Steam Early Access , and in the time since launch, it's received a lot of glowing user reviews. Banner Saga 3 comes to Nintendo Switch this summer, while Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2 are expected to release soon.

Finally, Capcom announced a special Spring Blossom event that will take place from April 6 to April 20. There'll even be a special new platter to chow down on too. In addition to the Deviljho fights, there will also be new gear which can be dropped by the monster, granted players defeat them and not get killed.

Interestingly, among the challenge quests there are three eight-star "Nergigante Slay Events" for top hunters of rank sixteen or above, available from today to May 11th. Players can also use Dante's signature guns as long-range weapons, but it is unknown if the developers will allow them to use other weapons in the series such as Devil Arms in the game.

The free voucher for character edit has a few technicalities that interested users should know. Load times have been reduced, and players will also spot a new option to return to the Gathering Hall after completing a quest. This freebie will only change the appearance of their characters, but it will not change their names; neither will it allow players to change the name and appearance of their Palicos. The PC version releases in Fall 2018.