Google puts Mario on the map, literally

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Good bye for a week to the random Google Maps lady and her accent and say hello to Super Mario for directions.

This is far from the first time that Google Maps has participated in gaming-inspired map themes, most of which have been Nintendo-related.

The trick won't involve any bananas or red shells on the roads, but Mario will be a position marker worldwide in the Google Maps apps for a whole week. The real game will be released in a year as an app on smartphones.

After updating the application, just launch it on a respective Android or iOS device by tapping on to its icon.

To access the feature, click on the yellow question mark icon on the bottom right of your Google Maps app.

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"Mario Time!" will replace the navigation arrow with Mario in a go-cart.

According to Google, the Mario will be a constant companion to everyone who uses Google Maps on a daily basis.

Are you looking forward to having Mario accompany you in his kart on your routes? You can go to the respective stores to download and update the Google Maps with Mario Time.

If you purchase the full game, you'll be able to enjoy all World Tour and Toad Rally courses, play as additional playable characters, take on Remix 10 whenever you like, and get more chances to earn Rally Tickets. At that point, the usual navigation arrow will turn into Mario himself. The offer is here to celebrate the Mario day and will last till March 25th.

Furthermore, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run's one-time payment will be at half price starting today until March 25, 2018.