Hillary Clinton's Trip to India Included Sightseeing, Shopping, and Time With Friends

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During her appearance in India over the weekend, Clinton claimed she lost the 2016 presidential race in part because white women didn't stand up to the men in their lives pressuring them to vote for Donald Trump.

"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will have to undergo surgery to fix a fractured right elbow, caused when she slipped and fell on her way to a White House meeting on Wednesday evening, the State Department said Thursday".

"What the map doesnt show you is that I won the places that represent two-thirds of Americas gross domestic product", Clinton explained. Put a sock on it, get over it!

"Reality TV because a person who is the most outrageous and prone to say incorrect things gets away with it, drawing big rankings".

And then, pretending to be Donald Trump, "Whatever your problem is, I'm going to solve it".

Should we assume that Hillary Clinton, had she been elected president, would have not known what to think, until her white husband, Bill Clinton, told her what to think? Kelsy Kretschmer, an assistant professor at Oregon State University, told the leftist Guardian a year ago that in his "study" examining the voting patterns of women, "We know white men are more conservative, so when you're married to a white man you get a lot more pressure to vote consistent with that ideology". "You have to move on", she said.

Tillerson promises smooth transition after firing
Tillerson also had policy differences with Trump , supporting both the Paris accord on climate change and the Iran nuclear deal . By projecting weakness to Pyongyang, Tillerson was undercutting Trump's message of strength - and thus making war more likely.

The former presidential candidate was descending a set of stone steps at the historic site when she slipped and nearly tumbled down, even as two aides held her by the arm.

"Now he's launching a trade war with tariffs, with no thought to it", she said, alarmed that the president was leading the country with "shoot from the hip" behavior. "And his whole campaign, "Make America Great Again", was looking backwards", she alleged.

The Associated Press adds that Clinton told her audience at the India Today Conclave 2018 that the US did not "deserve" Donald Trump's presidency and these are "perilous times".

"Hell hath no fury like a Hillary scorned", she added, predicting these comments will be used heavily in Republican ads. Moreover, as she's still in some ways the party's standard-bearer, it's why Democrats face an uphill battle still this November.

Haines expressed her displeasure at Clinton's comments, saying that real leaders needed to focus on the ground ahead of them, rather than the path that lay behind.