Playboy leaves Facebook over privacy

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While both parties have denied explicit wrongdoing, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are facing whistleblower claims this data was used to support Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election campaign, with the latter firm also being said to have yielded influence over other democratic votes including the European Union referendum.

Since 2006, Facebook has repeatedly promised to safeguard users' data through redesigns and by putting privacy controls front and center. Facebook's settings page when viewed on a computer is still as complex as ever.

"Zuck promised easier, better privacy controls "in the coming weeks" eight years ago", said Zeynep Tufekci, a University of North Carolina professor who studies social media, in a comment on Twitter.

What's also been made simpler, Facebook claims, is how users decide what data can and can't be shared with applications.

Just when Facebook announced changes to its privacy policy, the Government of India has sent it a show-cause notice asking whether the personal data of Indian voters and users have been compromised by Cambridge Analytica or any other downstream entity in any manner, and if so, how was it compromised.

The new controls will be easier to find and use, Facebook said, with all settings now available to access in a single place rather than spread across almost 20 different screens.

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Still firmly in damage limitation mode, Facebook has announced updates to how its bewildering settings menus are displayed and how the privacy of its two billion users can be tightened. "In response, the Privacy Settings page has been completely redesigned with a goal of making the controls easy, intuitive and accessible". Facebook says it is also adding "clearer explanations" about how its privacy controls work.

Another addition tied directly to the recent privacy scandal, Facebook has unveiled "Access Your Information", a feature that lets you access and manage information from your profile.

From the new centralized page, people will be able to opt out of sharing certain traits - for example, they can indicate that they no longer want to be identified as someone who loves cats.

"We have a responsibility to protect your information".

Admitting that its users would like to be aware of what it does with the data it collects, Facebook has added a way to view and delete everything you have shared with the site. It requires companies to give people a "right to portability" - to take their data with them - and imposes fines of up to 4 per cent of global revenue for companies breaking the law. That's where people can go to delete information or download a copy.