PS4's 5.50 Update Out Now With New PSVR Icons

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The PS4 Pro's Boost Mode, which Sony added over a year ago, did extend some benefits into titles that weren't updated for the refreshed platform, but that didn't address the fact that you really needed 4K + HDR to justify buying a PS4 Pro at all.

For International Women's Day, Sony has released a new static PS4 theme to commemorate the day, and in particular features numerous most iconic female heroines and characters that PlayStation gamers everywhere can identify.

Importantly, especially for anybody who has that one friend who keeps sending invites (Hi Craig!), you'll be able to delete notifications in bulk. The update is 459MB.

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We're introducing Play Time Management, which will allow family managers (and adult family members who are set as guardians) to manage PS4 playtime for child family members on family on PSN. It will be possible to restrict children to only play for a certain length of time, or even to only be accessible during a specific window of time during the day. Once a child is close to the time limit, a notification will pop up which should give the child enough time to save their game or finish that last boss.

There are also three new tabs for the Library page. Games and apps installed on this PS4 go under the first, while only the games you own through Plus go under the second. This tab will show you only the games from the free giveaway that takes place every month. If you don't have a now active PS+ subscription, the PS+ logo with a padlock next to it will appear, letting you know you don't now have access to a game. There's also the ability to hide betas and demos from the library, which is a welcome addition. It's a simple as pressing the Options button on the highlighted game and selecting the option to hide the game. This new feature can be found in the Options menu while scrolling through your Library collection. PS4 version 5.50 comes with a supersampling mode for the Pro console, which shows games at a higher resolution and with four times the amount of visual and color info than usual.