Samsung Unveils Flagship 2018 QLED TVs With Bixby Voice Control

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LG just announced relatively aggressive prices on its 2018 OLED TVs, and to its credit Samsung seems to be catching on.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled its 2018 home entertainment lineup at the company's First Look in NY event.

Ambient mode: Think of this as a glorified screen saver.

The new lineup of TVs can also act as a hub for Samsung's connected home platform SmartThings, that includes gadgets such as security camera, thermostats, and lights. If you've got a brick wall, for example, the TV will display the same pattern. It's hard to make something as large as a QLED TV look classy and sharp, but it looks like the manufacturer may have made something that actually accomplishes something interesting: The TV appears to be camouflaged, even "disappearing" when not in use.

"To complement the seamless look of the new TV lineup, Ambient Mode has been introduced to offer added value even when consumers are not watching TV".

The new QLED, like the Samsung Frame, can also display art.

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Samsung will partner with the New York Times to deliver headlines in Ambient mode. The new Universal Guide enables consumers to navigate across supporting streaming services and live TV through one intuitive menu.

During the showcase event held in NY, the Korean tech giant introduced 16 models of its latest QLED TVs, ranging from 49-inch to 88-inch editions.

Samsung's lineup of TVs will be available in stores starting April 20th. Last year, it unveiled the Frame TV, which is created to look like a framed piece of art on the wall, featuring abstract designs and black and white images, when not in use. So, the picture of the mountains glows when it's sunny, and shifts to a more drab look when it's cloudy or raining.

The TVs are also packed with a few other nifty features, such as thin cables.

This year, the company took the concept a notch up by folding power into its One Invisible Connection wire. We expect it to be an evolution of the One Connect box, but we're waiting on more details from Samsung. Available up to 15 meters, it frees consumers from having to place their TV near data or power outlets. Ambient Mode also detects when a person is in the room by syncing with a mobile signal to activate content on the screen, and turns off when people leave the room.

The new Samsung QLED TVs are scheduled to come out later this month. The QLED TVs feature enhanced color and contrast, HDR10+ compatibility, Ambient Mode, Smart TV enhancements with Bixby Voice, One Remote Control and the One Invisible Connection. Such time-saving set-up would also be available to the QLED TVs built-in apps that are installed on the user's device, like YouTube or Hulu. The Wall, Samsung's 146-inch modular TV, fully immerses visitors, presenting a bigger vision for the future.

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