Secret YouTube Videos Filmed By 'House Of Horrors' Teenager Emerge

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The 17-year-old girl who escaped the California "house of horrors" and alerted authorities of the alleged abuse at the hands of her parents reportedly uploaded videos on YouTube under an alias describing her harsh home life. The videos show her singing songs she wrote.

Another shows dirty smudges on a door.

The girl also allegedly has an Instagram account that included selfies and pictures of Justin Bieber.

Her other songs are titled "You accuse me", "Where is the key" and "Give me one more chance", many are associated with her experiences and the merciless abuse of her parents, who, according to the indictment, not only held homeless children, but they also chained them to their beds, made them virtual drownings and left them fast, all of which had health problems from poor nutrition.

Her most recent YouTube video was posted online just a week before her escape.

A police auto parks in front of 160 Muir Woods Road from where authorities rescued 13 malnourished children held captive by their parents in Perris, California on January 16, 2018 David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin have been arrested for torture after authorities said on January 15,2018 their 13 children were held captive in their home, with some shackled to beds in the dark.

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Tina Callaghan, who is disabled, had also come to collect bottled water and said: "You can't go to the toilet, you can't make tea".

Investigators said the two dogs were treated better than the children.

The sister and cousin of the mother in the California "House of Horrors" case has visited her in prison - and they say she is "living in a la-la land". They are each being held in lieu of $12 million. They also allegedly were allowed to take only one shower a year.

According to a police statement, the Turpin children were allegedly kept in dirty and foul-smelling surroundings.

They have pleaded not guilty. Their next court appearance is scheduled for March 23.

Meanwhile, the siblings are recovering physically and emotionally.

The couple's youngest child, aged two, was believed to have not been abused or malnourished when she was rescued alongside her siblings. "I don't even know", she said.