The next iPhone to be better and Cheaper than the iPhone X

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With Apple expected to switch to Face ID on other models as well this year, the company is said to begin trial production of the new models soon.

In addition, two days ago we also reported on a leaked video that apparently shows off the iPhone SE 2, an upgraded version of Apple's budget iPhone SE mobile phone with a new iPhone X-inspired design, so again we feel it's perfectly plausible that a new affordable handset could launch next week. The report mentions that the MBOM of iPhone X in 2017 was almost $400.

According a report by Digitimes, the 5.8-inch OLED variant of the 2018 iPhone will be cheaper to manufacture.

According to Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimes, the new 5.85-inch iPhone X features an MBOM over 10% less than the current model.

However, with the launch of the Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF) Galaxy S9 series smartphones, the iPhone X's display has some stiff competition. However, the project was suspended in mid-February and must have been eventually terminated later on.

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Research firm Nomura Instinet and its group of analysts have stated that Apple could be headed towards trouble thanks to its refusal to reduce its high-pricing strategy for iPhones.

Apple now designs chips for its mobile devices and a move into displays could hurt screen makers like Samsung Electronics Co, Japan Display Inc, Sharp Corp and LG Display Co in the long term. With every passing month, sales of the iPhone X are said to be declining, and with every passing month, we're drawing close to September, meaning Apple will unveil its next-generation iPhones.

The large iPhone is said to have an iPhone X display in a body the size of an iPhone 8 Plus. Considering that the iPhone X costs around $400 to make, that equates to about $40 in savings.

Hypebeast notes how the smartphone will include an edge-to-edge retina display, as opposed to a rumoured 6.5-inch screen with the more standard LED technology. It wouldn't surprise me, then, to see Apple carry this pricing strategy over to the new iPhone models, especially since Apple appears to be reshaping its iPhone segmentation strategy to mirror the iPad's.

One of the issues with the current iPhone X display - a flaw that's inherent to the iPhone X's display type - is that when the screen is viewed off-axis, there is a dramatic color shift.