Theresa May Refuses To Say Whether She Now Supports Brexit Or Not

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"Today, one year until the United Kingdom leaves the EU and begins to chart a new course in the world, I am visiting all four nations of the Union to hear from people across our country what Brexit means to them", May said ahead of her tour.

"I am determined that as we leave the European Union, and in the years ahead, we will strengthen the bonds that unite us", May said before her visit.

Since formal negotiations began between the two sides in June previous year, an agreement has been struck on a Brexit "divorce bill", but the crucial issue of how they will trade together in the longer term has yet to be settled.

A new report released to mark the first anniversary of Article 50 being triggered has claimed that Britain will be anti-Brexit by 2021.

But, a transitional deal that effectively keeps Britain inside the European Union single market until the end of 2020, agreed in principle last week with Brussels, has calmed anxious businesses and bought May time to work out the details of post-Brexit policy.

Yesterday, Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Westminster, accused Mrs May herself of being "the block" to getting an agreement with the Scottish Government, expressing bafflement at her remarks this week that London and Edinburgh were edging closer to a deal on the EU Withdrawal Bill. Harvey Blackwood analysts say big business also welcomed May's sentiments and that she was even supported by some Brexit campaigners for her practical stance.

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Some 65 percent think however that "the United Kingdom economy will be back to business as usual within a couple of years". He said Labour would not vote for the deal unless the government acted sensibly and negotiated to get a pact that meets the six tests.

"There is some sign of movement, but not enough to suggest that the country is anything other than more or less evenly divided down the middle on the subject, much as it was on referendum day itself", political scientist John Curtice wrote in a recent studypublished by The UK in a Changing Europe, a London-Based think tank.

'However, in 2016 many Remain voters also wanted a reduction of European Union powers, so the demographic trend is not necessarily one in favour of reversing Brexit, but it does suggest public pressure for close association with the European Union will rise over time'.

Vehicle manufacturing has declined 2.35% since previous year thanks to struggling domestic demand.

"I believe there is a bright future out there once we've left the European Union", May said during her visit to Bangor in Northern Ireland.