Things We Learned From Ava DuVernay on The Breakfast Club

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Ava DuVernay is quickly becoming a household name. But DuVernay, who also directed Selma (2014) and 13th (2016), adds a twist. In other words, writes Ford, "Meg is an angry black girl".

Black Panther was #1 at the box office after 26 days, followed by the March 9th release of "A Wrinkle In Time" that was #2.

That amount makes Black Panther the seventh highest grossing movie in North American box office history, also putting it ahead of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight to make it the second-biggest superhero movie behind 2012's Marvel's The Avengers. Despite the drop, he Jennifer Lawrence film raised its worldwide total to $82.9 million.

"Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler penned an essay for ESPN about his friend DuVernay in honor of her movie's opening.

England will learn from painful defeats: Eddie Jones
Jones places a lot of emphasis on his players training at the same intensity as they play, but this could now be affecting them. "But there's a lot of lads in the group that have played in massive, massive games and know how to go about a big-match week".

The Guardian's Amy Nicholson was similarly critical, saying "A Wrinkle in Time feels like a product molded by a megacorporation too tense to hand over the factory controls". This isn't a good start for Amazon Studios' first attempt at self-distribution, and the film's "C+" CinemaScore shows that audiences just didn't get it.

"A Wrinkle in Time", a fantasy adventure that celebrates inclusion and accepting personal flaws, took in $33.1 million in its opening weekend - a letdown for a big-budget Disney film.

Coogler then called DuVernay's new film A Wrinkle in Time "beautiful", writing, "I watched closely from across the hall at Disney while working on Black Panther as my big sister inspired her crew with love and navigated the challenges of studio filmmaking, adapting a book that many people called unfilmable into a movie that explodes with hope, with love and with women warriors". Its 82-day total has hit a remarkable $397.3 million, good enough for the 30th spot on the all-time domestic list.

According to CNN, this is the first time that that two films driven by black directors with budgets exceeding $100 million have managed to clinch the top two box office spots.