Woodburn students to join national walkout

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Calls for a nationwide student walkout on March 14 to pressure Congress to enact legislation to reduce gun violence and improve school safety has local educators and administrators preparing accordingly.

Elsewhere across the nation, school districts have taken a different approach.

"We are planning on having conversations with our students, our middle schoolers and teens, just to kind of get a perspective on how they're feeling", Mickens said. "Exercising their right to assemble freely on an issue they are passionate about is the start of learning about this democracy". However, the law empowers schools to establish limitations to maintain order and minimize disruption to the school day.

Schools will have designated areas where students can gather outside, with administrators providing supervision.

"Our strategy has been to support them in a way that ensures they have their voices heard but doesn't pose safety issues", Montgomery school district spokesman Derek Turner said. A failure to write the paper will result in a student who attends the walkout being tagged with an unexcused absence - which can be cumulative and lead to detention or a suspension under school policies.

Students who participate "peacefully and orderly, and comply with directions from school staff to return to the building in a timely manner" will not be disciplined, the letter says. Protests were carried out at high schools nationwide on Wednesday.

"But we're focused on encouraging kids to be involved in leaving class for a positive, effective, school-sponsored event (in the auditorium) that they have really created", Liebow said.

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"We don't take a position, we don't take an advocacy role, but we do want to take steps to be sure it's safe and as intended", Liebow said.

Hoffman said students would leave class on March 14 and march on Broadway to Chelsea City Hall for a gathering.

The expected walkouts are hardly limited to major and public high schools. "In four years, our oldest students will be allowed to vote". Wednesday, Palmer High had 75 students walk out, Colony High had 30 walk out, and Career Tech had a silent moment and reflection time inside the school. For now, he said, student suspension and other disciplinary actions are off the table. The walkout will entail about 50 students from the St. Many others were wounded in the shooting.

"It's not on my radar", she said Tuesday. "But I don't think an act of civil disobedience should be controlled by the administration".

"Students should be able to express themselves based on what's happening in the world and around us", Malay said.

"Every message counts", said Hardin.

"Last week, RHHS administrators met with Student Council", the email reads. We hope to avoid any perceived "need' to have walkouts by listening now".