Comey: Kelly Called Trump "Dishonorable" for Firing Me

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The "Lyin' Comey" website quotes dozens of Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, to remind the public that Mr Comey has been criticised by both sides of the political spectrum.

The website, at first glance, highlights in bold "LYIN' COMEY", with a cropped image of Comey's eyes.

In the book, Comey writes that when he was sacked by Trump in May 2017, then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly called him in an "emotional" state and said he was "sick" over the ouster.

At the bottom of the website, a disclaimer says the RNC paid for the website and it was "not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee".

In taped interview with ABC News to air Sunday, Mr. Comey compares Mr. Trump to a "mob boss", according to Axios.

A clip released of the interview shows Stephanopoulos asking Comey, "how odd is it for you to sit here and compare the President to a mob boss?"

"Attempts to smear the Trump administration are nothing more than retaliation by a disgraced former official".

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In advance of a publicity tour by James Comey to promote his new book, the Republican National Committee is preparing a widespread campaign to undercut his credibility, including a new website that dubs the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director as "Lyin' Comey".

Kelly added that he "intended to quit", Comey writes, and "said he didn't want to work for dishonorable people".

It will be updated as Comey's book and interviews roll out, according to an RNC official.

The president replied that he "might be right" - but kept asking him to consider the idea, and said he would as well, according to Comey. Trump later said the Russian Federation investigation was on his mind when he made a decision to fire Comey.

But, sheesh, how many times has Kelly threatened to quit?

Other prominent conservatives, however, appear to have already adopted arguments similar to those that the RNC laid out. Mrs Clinton's supporters believed that the investigation was politically motivated and aided Mr Trump's campaign. A teaser for the interview says Comey compares Trump to a "mob boss". "So he's out for a little bit of revenge", Huckabee said.