Delhi-bound Air India flight experiences turbulence, 3 injured

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An incident that can be termed as a nightmare, around 240 passengers on an Air India flight from Amritsar to New Delhi on 19 April experienced heavy turbulence, resulting in injuries to three people and causing a window panel inside the aircraft fall off mid-flight.

A 35-second video clip, purportedly shot inside the flight AI 462, has surfaced on Sunday, three days after the April 19 turbulence.

Footage shows a flight attendant pushing the internal window panel back into place and reassuring an audibly distressed passenger at the window seat.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board are also probing the incident, one official said.

The flight was completely full and was travelling between Amritsar to Delhi - a journey that would ordinarily take around 30 minutes.

The latest mid-flight terror left numerous Boeing 787 Dreamliner's 240 passengers in tears. Reports inform that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was in a turbulence for at least 15 minutes. The video also shows two overhead oxygen masks dangling from overhead module, having fallen when the Dreamliner hit turbulence. Yet another passenger hit her head on the overboard cabin because her seat belt was not fastened.

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"The outside window die not break and there was no de-pressurisation". "Meteorological reports are being collected". One source said there had been no forecast for any turbulent weather for that day.

Thursday's incident is similar to that of a Singapore Airlines flight in October 2014, when an Airbus A380 landing in Mumbai encountered sudden turbulence during its descent, injuring 22 passengers and crew.

Three passengers were injured in what is being described as a "freak kind of severe turbulence".

The banking govt suffered head accidents after the jet exploded on Southwest flight 1380 from NY to Dallas.

Window seat passenger and mother-of-two Jennifer Riordan was nearly sucked out of the plane, leaving her with fatal injuries.