Ethics Office Scolds Scott Pruitt as Allegations Mount

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President Donald Trump cites "death threats" to justify the $3 million round-the-clock security detail for Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt, who cites his own security to justify lavish spending on first-class air travel.

Still, even for the 22 regulatory actions that have been finalized under Pruitt's leadership, the savings cheered by Trump and Republican allies are mostly compliance costs - meaning that they would have been shouldered by industry, not the American taxpayer.

Travel schedules and agency correspondence obtained by The Washington Post show that Pruitt's detail, which is triple the size of those for prior EPA administrators, has stretched the agency's resources and required regular overtime for the men and women hired to guard him.

US Army Forces Command has been ordered by President Trump to form a new Airborne Division of 5,000 to protect his EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. Susan Collins of ME, who told CNN she thinks that "Scott Pruitt is the wrong person to lead the EPA". These staffers raised concerns about first-class travel, costly security upgrades, and expensive office furniture and renovations.

Gore, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his environmental activism, sees Pruitt's scandals as proof of corruption. Susan Collins said Pruitt's actions on the environment "whether it's trying to undermine the Clean Power Plan or weaken the restrictions on lead or undermine the ethics rules" validate her decision not to vote in favor of his confirmation in the first place.

Pruitt has done a fantastic job of showing he can be a friend - by hiring an Oklahoma banker who gave Pruitt three mortgages and a loan and who later was banned for life from banking by federal regulators, to oversee the Superfund program at $172,000 a year.

Pruitt's chief of staff has said that the responsibility for the raises falls exclusively on himself and the EPA's human resources department, distancing Pruitt from the decision entirely, according to Politico.

Trump said when he plans to meet with Kim Jong Inom
The U.S. president made the remarks as John Bolton sat next to him on the first day of his job as national security adviser. The envoys said Kim had expressed a commitment to denuclearization and promised to halt nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

Pruitt is expected to be at the White House on Monday for a Cabinet meeting with the president.

In justifying his constant security, EPA officials have said he has received far more threats than previous administrators - some of them "very personal, ugly threats", an assistant inspector general told The Post past year.

It is presently unclear exactly which threats Wilcox is referencing in the above-quoted language-but some of those alleged threats bear similarities to previous threats noted by Sullivan in the E&E story: except those direct threats were made against Obama era EPA chief Gina McCarthy.

Among them: questions about Pruitt's expenses for travel and security, the salaries of some employees and allegations that a subordinate helped with his housing search in Washington. Perrotta's memo was prompted by an incident in which a person approached Pruitt "with threatening language" that was "vulgar", Barnet said at the time.

In a letter addressed to EPA deputy counsel Kevin Minoli, David Apol listed several of the most serious reports concerning Pruitt's potential ethical violations.

A nationwide search of state and federal court records by the AP found no case where anyone has been arrested or charged with threatening Pruitt.