Google To Stop Shortener Service In 2019

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Do you think Google made a good decision killing off its URL shortening service?

Google announced it is shuttering its URL Shortener service ( in favor of Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). Even as Google is pushing users to use the FDL after April 13th, existing links will not be automatically migrated to the Firebase console or it's API. For developers, Google is letting only projects with existing access to the URL Shortener APIs before yesterday to create truncated links. Both developers and users have 12 months to use the service, but if you have yet to use the shortening extension before April 13, you can figure using it after that.

Google launched in 2011, another URL shortening service that it uses for internal links exclusively. Instead, the shortened link will just act as though it is a generic URL link.

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The ultimate reason for this shuttering is that Google wants to push developers towards Firebase Dynamic Links, a new link format that allows website and app developers to use one link to dictate multiple destinations, based entirely on the context. "We're excited to grow and improve the product going forward". While all existing links will still point to right address, users will be unable to create new shortened links; and will eventually be unable to manage current links. Google short URL service provides brief analytics for each link separately to find the source of referrals, browsers and countries. However, users can export their link information from the console. Once you have an account, creating a short link is as easy as clicking on the Create Bitlink button.

The search giant is now encouraging users to use FDL or other services like Bitly and to create new short links.