Microsoft Executive Myerson to Leave Amid Corporate Restructuring

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Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group (WDG) included not only the teams responsible for the Windows software itself but also the Surface, Xbox, and HoloLens teams.

In a LinkedIn post, Myerson thanked his colleagues and reflected on his time at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), where he first started working in 1997. For instance, one team will exclusively be working on augmented- and mixed-reality technologies while others focus on different tasks. The WDG is no more and the group is being split into "Experiences and Devices", which will be led by Rajesh Jha, Executive VP of Microsoft.

As always, we went deep into the upcoming Windows 10 update and made an in-depth video walkthrough showcasing all the noteworthy new changes and features that are coming in the update. Terry Myerson, a Microsoft veteran of over two decades and most recently the head of the company's Windows and Devices group, is leaving.

Mr. Meyerson worked at Microsoft for 21 years.

"With change comes transition, and one transition we have been planning for is for Terry Myerson to pursue his next chapter outside Microsoft", Nadella added.

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Jason Zander is taking over a position previously held by Scott Guthrie, who in turn has assumed an expanded role as the head of yet another new group called the Cloud + AI Platform division.

Nadella said that Myerson helped to plan the reorg and will be on standby to help during the transition.

These online services-both end-user facing ones like OneDrive and enterprise ones such as Intune-will be core to monetizing Windows going forward, and we can expect to see further development and promotion of bundles such as Microsoft 365, which combines Office 365 with Windows 10 and mobile management.

Interestingly, the Windows platform team led by Harv Bhela, Henry Sanders and Michael Fortin joins the Azure team headed by Zander, Nadella says. "The goal of the [Cloud + AI Platform] team is to drive platform coherence and compelling value across all layers of the technology stack, starting with the distributed computing fabric (cloud and edge) to AI (infrastructure, run times, frameworks, tools and high-level services around perception, knowledge and cognition)". That's a sign of Microsoft's ongoing hybrid cloud strategy; it views Windows, whether on-premises or in the cloud, as part of a unified cloud platform. Two early tasks will be to detect whether AI systems have accidentally incorporated biased points of view and to make sure all Microsoft's efforts abide by the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation. Harry Shum will continue to lead Microsoft third's engineering team, AI + Research.