Parents of terminally ill British toddler lose court appeal

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Because he's been doing it for nine hours totally unexpected, the doctors are gobsmacked and I do believe he will need some form of life-support in the next couple of hours and I think he ought to be respected and given that.

All legal avenues appeared to have been exhausted for the family until a further hearing by Mr Justice Hayden was announced earlier on Tuesday at the Family Division of the High Court in Manchester. "We are going to have Alfie in the Vatican being treated", he says.

Appeal judges have upheld Mr Justice Hayden's decision and on Friday Supreme Court justices said they would not intervene.

"In this way, the Italian government wants the Italian citizenship to enable the child's immediate transfer to Italy", said a statement from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Evans, 21, and mother Kate James, 20, have lost another legal appeal after lawyers made a "last-ditch appeal" against removing his life support.

The parents have vowed to continue fighting for his life, with Evans meeting Pope Francis last week and urging the pontiff to do all he can to help Alfie.

Mr Diamond said there was now an "international relations element" to the case.

The hospital missed the proposed time to end Alfie's life and was therefore found to be in breach of the court approved plans.

On Friday Supreme Court justices said there should be no further delay in treatment being stopped.

Police are holding back supporters at Alder Hey
PA 'GET BACK: Police are holding back supporters at Alder Hey

"I am not going to provide more time", he said.

A United Kingdom hospital is holding an Italian citizen hostage and intends to deprive him of life-giving treatment against the wishes of his parents. "I encourage everyone now to stand together for Alfie".

He said judges were considering the couple's application as a matter of "urgency".

Doctors in the United Kingdom have not been able to make a definitive diagnosis of the 23-month-old child's degenerative neurological condition, but they have said keeping him on life-support would be "futile".

On Monday the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) refused to intervene in what has been a highly sensitive and complicated case, paving the way for Alder Hey Children's Hospital, where Evans has been receiving care, to shut off the infant's life support.

Police remained outside the entrances to the children's hospital throughout the day.

During a conference call earlier this evening a United Kingdom judge would not change a previous court decision that the hospital could remove the baby's life support under the pretext that it was in Alfie's "best interest".

Hundreds of Alfie's supporters gathered outside Alder Hey on Monday as police were forced to block dozens from trying to storm the hospital building.

From Alfie's Italian lawyers, Giuristi per la Vita: "The defence lawyers of Alfie Evans have just filed an urgent appeal with the Italian Consulate in London, which acts as a judge for the guardianship of Italian minors overseas The ambassador has already been notified through our friends of the Steadfast Onlus association who deal with diplomatic relations and have facilitated the acquisition of Italian citizenship for Alfie".

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