Pelosi calls on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to resign

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A lot of the media is dishonest and corrupt! The tweets are in response to the president telling reporters Thursday that he still had confidence in Pruitt. The news was first reported by CNN.

Other concerns centered on worldwide trips Pruitt took related to official visits but that involved mostly leisure time, including to Italy and Morocco; the first-class travel he sought for some of his top deputies; the frequency of his travel home to Oklahoma; and spending on furnishings for his office, among other issues.

But they also dug deeper, arguing that his entire time at the EPA has been filled with actions that should disqualify him, like appearing in a video produced by a group opposed to an Obama administration water rule, hiring former banker Albert Kelly to oversee the Superfund program and spending more than $40,000 to install a soundproof booth in his office. The Washington Post reports lobbyist Steven Hart's name was scratched off the lease and replaced with his wife Vicki's name.

And in February, Pruitt drew criticism after it was revealed he and his aides spent more than $90,000 for trips in early June and another $15,000 to fly home during the weekends to Oklahoma between March and May of 2017. "Perrotta now leads Pruitt's unprecedented 24-hour Protective Service Detail, which determined that Pruitt needed to fly in first class because of 'specific, ongoing threats associated with the Administrator's air travel'".

-The New York Times reports the Pruitt was not being truthful when he said in the Fox News interview that he was unaware the raises had been granted.

"We're reviewing the situation", Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt fought for his job Thursday, facing a new barrage of allegations about issues ranging from his past housing arrangement and first-class travel to the reassignment of senior staff who criticized how he was spending taxpayer funds.

Speaking to reports aboard Air Force One on Thursday, the president confirmed his support for Pruitt.

He adds: "We don't have any announcements to make as regards to staffing right now, but we're aware and you know, we believe that some of these questions need to be answered". He can begin to rectify that by pulling the drain plug on Swampy Scott Pruitt. "They feel very strongly about Scott Pruitt. And they love Scott Pruitt". "Mr. Pruitt bristled when the officials-four career E.P.A. employees and one Trump administration political appointee-confronted him, said the people, who were not authorized to speak publicly".

An increasingly long list of weird spending requests is adding to the ethical controversy swirling around EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

During an editorial board interview with The Citizen Friday, Katko responded to questions on whether Pruitt should step down.

On Capitol Hill, where some Republican lawmakers have already called for Pruitt's firing or resignation, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Pruitt must go.