President Trump Plans to Talk to Allies Before Syria Strike Decision

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Russian Federation asked for one more emergency conference from the UN Security Council Friday, to try and resolve or possibly reduce the growing tensions between the country, trying to divert the possibility of war.

The US gave no details of civilian or military casualties, but its military leaders insisted targets had been chosen carefully to minimise civilian casualties, but maximise the message intended for the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

He said the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of worldwide peace and security and stressed "the need to avoid the situation from spiraling out of control".

The United States would still welcome possible cooperation with Russia on Syria but wants Moscow to condemn alleged chemical attacks committed by Damascus, US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman said. "It would provoke a retaliation operation by government forces and the White Helmets were to use it to stage a provocation with an alleged use of chemical weapons", he said. "The suffering it causes is horrendous".

The draft law on Russia's measures in response to U.S. sanctions contains a ban on the imports of American agricultural products, as well as alcohol and tobacco products, First Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov said.

There were signs, though, of a global effort to head off a unsafe conflict pitting Russian Federation against the West. "A lack of accountability emboldens those who would use such weapons by providing them with the reassurance of impunity", the secretary-general said.

Macron said the attack was "limited to the Syrian regime's facilities enabling the production and employment of chemical weapons".

Russia's lower house of parliament is considering draft legislation that would give the Kremlin powers to ban or restrict a list of US imports, reacting to new USA sanctions on a group of Russian tycoons and officials. "As other nations step up their contributions, we look forward to the day when we can bring our warriors home". U.S. officials noted that Washington was still assessing intelligence and coordinating allies.

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Tensions have mounted further when Russian Federation vetoed earlier this week a US-drafted resolution at the United Nations Security Council demanding that the perpetrators of the attack be identified.

Later, speaking at the meeting, called by Russian Federation to discuss the prospect of an American strike on Syria, Haley said, "This meeting should not be about so-called 'unilateral threats, ' it should be about the multiple actions Russian Federation has taken to bring us to this point".

Military officials must consider the response from Russian Federation, which has threatened to conduct counter-strikes against the United States and has positioned some of its most advanced weaponry, including the stealth SU-57 fighter, in Syria.

He said he would also strive to prevent an escalation of conflict across the Middle East.

Moscow is estimated to have dozens of aircraft at its Hmeymim air base in Syria including fighters and bombers, as well as 10 to 15 warships and support vessels in the Mediterranean.

If the U.S. action follows the pattern of a previous punitive strike on Syria past year, it will begin with a salvo of cruise missiles fired from American warships in the Mediterranean, as Trump implied when he tweeted they would be "nice, new and 'smart'". Nervous world stock markets showed signs of recovery after Trump's signal that military strikes might not be imminent. A joint military operation, possibly with France rather than the the lead, could send a message of worldwide unity about enforcing the prohibitions on chemical weapons and counter Syria's political and military support from Russian Federation and Iran.

It cited the Russian Ministry of Defense. A United States guided-missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, is in the Mediterranean. Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, told NBC News on Thursday the administration has "enough proof" of the chemical attack but was still considering its response.