Stephen Colbert finally agrees with President Trump on something

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Stephen Colbert looked at the growing Facebook scandal on Friday's Late Show. "Wow that's gotta sting", Colbert said. Featuring bandleader Jon Batiste and his band Stay Human, the show is broadcast from the historic and newly renovated Ed Sullivan Theater.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 on CBS.

This is arguably historic, as any avid fan of the late show host would know how he has always been a staunch critic of the Chief Executive of the United States.

Colbert and Trump still have plenty to disagree about. I apologize. Donald Trump is a great president!

"I take everything back". "Last night, we had my old friend Dana Carvey on the show, and he did a fantastic impression of the new national security adviser, John Bolton".

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The Ingraham Angle airs weeknights at 10 p.m. on Fox News . "We do not plan to continue advertising on this particular program". He told followers, "If you want to help I would suggest contacting 3-4 of these companies", adding, "Let's do this".

It's unclear if the network ran the story under the headline Colbert claimed.

"C'mon, CNN, this isn't SNL", he continued.

There is at least one public servant in Alabama who "has found his job very enriching", Trevor Noah said on Wednesday's Daily Show, referring to Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin, who apparently pocketed $750,000 from funds earmarked to feed prisoners and bought a beach house with the money.

A pre-World War II law apparently allows sheriffs to pocket any money they don't use on feeding inmates - in other words, "any money you don't use to do your government job, you get to keep for yourself", Noah said. However, knowing the host who is full of antics, Colbert thanked MSNBC and not CNN, queueing laughter from the crowd. Earlier in the show, Colbert pointed out Trump's speech on infrastructure in OH, replaying an old clip of Trump saying he was always the "best" at building - even better than being president.